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Photographing Natura2000 Areas

Presentation of the work of the group "Photographing Natura areas" of Thessaloniki Photography Centre, within the framework of the 24th Thessaloniki Anti-Racist Festival.

Aiming to raise topics and issues regarding the promotion and protection of NATURA areas, I had the joy to take part in the exhibition with two of my landscape photos.

Xarhakou Park, 29/6 - 1/07

Natura area GR4110001, Limnos: Hortarolimni - Lake Aliki and sea area.

Photoshooting in the area was done as part of the Terra Lemnia program, for the non-profit organization "Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Man (MedINA)".

Natura area GR2320013, Mount Helmos (Aroania) - Vouraikos Gorge & Kalavryta area/

Natura area GR2320002, Mount Helmos and Stygos Waters.

View of lake Doxa.


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