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an exploration of the connection between man,

space, and time

Passage - the action or process of passing from one place, condition, or stage to another

There is a feedback cycle between man and space. During the evolution of the two man influences the configuration of space, and space shapes the way man exists within him. Events in the lifetime of one affect the life of the other, marking points in time where the function and existence of each has changed to a greater or lesser degree. The size of the change to which space and man are subject depends on the impact of the event.


The ceasation of existence of space or man is a powerful event, which becomes point zero for each side respectively - the point of transition from one state to another. The disappearance of space creates a blank page. The abrupt cut from the present and the familiar, until the event, situation, forces man to focus on the future and reconstruction. Space is recreated, and its interaction with man starts from the beginning. The disappearance of man also expresses a sharp cut from the present, creating, however, feelings of attachment to the past. The need to preserve situations and emotions arises, and the space becomes eternal, acquiring a museum-like character.

In both cases there is a period of adjustment to the new situation. The present seems to expand, increasing transition time, while space and man seem to linger in limbo until the moment of restart.

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