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Memories of a questionable landscape - Corinth Exposed Photography Festival

I had the luck to be a part of the group exhibition of TimeSilence Photography Friends, "Memories of a questionable landscape", as part of the Corinthian International Photography Festival 2021!

The exhibition was organized in September at the Alexandreio Conference Center, in Corinth, and traveled to Briki Art Gallery-Café at Serres in October.

Very interesting theme and great works from all the participants!

Memories of a questionable landscape

In contrast to the environment, which can be understood as an independent entity, the landscape does not exist until it is perceived as a whole by human vision. It is this revelation that determines its aesthetic value.

The landscape can be understood as a whole that, in addition to its natural spatial parameters, has cultural, temporal and sociological components. This whole functions as a means and storage of collective memory, forms a cultural heritage, and highlights contrasts such as public versus private, reckless versus thoughtful use of resources, moment versus eternity. 

As a result of mental perception, the concept of the landscape is connected to the cultural, experiential, social background of the beholder, and of course to their memories.

For the realization of this project photographers of the TimeSilence Photography Friends team were asked to photograph their memories of those landscapes that they consider identify or define them to some extent, discovering, in the end, the landscape hidden behind a “landscape”.

Text & Curation:

Gregory Moutsios

Participating artists:

Anna Papachristou

Ioannis Kossyvas

Yiannis Krikis

Gregory Moutsios

Costas Daoultzis

Sakis Mouchtarides

Stefanos Chronis

Sotiris Gkonis

Yria Chorianopoulou

Fani Karanikola

Alexandreio Conference Center, Corinth Exposed Photography Festival, Corinth, Greece

Briki Art Gallery-Café, Serres, Greece


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